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I am a software engineer passionate about pervasive technologies and innovations.

In 2014 I joined DQuid, a company leading the Internet of Things evolution: see the cool things we are doing and read our statement.

I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (2010) under the guidance of Prof. Franco Zambonelli, and a degree in Computer Engineering from the same University.

Before joining DQuid I have been:

In 2011, I also took a summer school about How to Statup a New Business at SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milano, Italy.

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I have experience in proposing and modelling complex, distributed and innovative systems, defining their architecture.
I also design components and develop them both as research prototypes and production systems.

During my academic background I have had experience with distributed teams development.
Since I started working in DQuid, I am also enjoying working in a Agile environment and trying Continuous Delivery.

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Research Interests and Profile

My research interests include Internet of Things, pervasive computing: middleware and applications, ecosystems of services, context and situation awareness, adaptivity and self-organization, location-based and situated services, multimodal sensing and sensor fusion.

My research topics are in the area of Pervasive Computing. During my PhD I focused on Context and Situation Awareness. I proposed a model for self-organizing contextual information and developed a distributed middleware infrastructure. Part of the middleware has been integrated as autonomic service in the context of the European IP CASCADAS.

During my PostDoc I have worked on the European STREP Project SAPERE on Coordination Models for Adaptive Services and realized a distributed middleware based on reactive tuple spaces.

Other trends of research involve location based services (The Whereabout's Diary) and mining of GPS data, multimodal sensing and the integration of diverse sensorial data exploiting Commonsense Ontologies. In this context, Telecom Italia (the main Italian telecommunication company) founded the KAPPA Project. I worked together with the Telecom Research SKIL Lab to develop an infrastructure for gathering and processing sensorial data on smartphone, in particular with the focus of mining sound data.

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